The global travel industry is on fire

After nearly two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, people are venturing out to quench their wanderlust. As a result, hotel, airline, and restaurant bookings are quickly approaching pre-pandemic levels, and in some cases already exceeding them.

In the US travel market, Americans are now spending more on trips then they did in 2019.

As a result, travel industry marketing agencies across the US are now experiencing increased demand from their clients. Clients who are looking to capture billions-of-dollars in travel related expenditures that should be coming their way.

However, too few ad and marketing agencies are properly targeting the correct “travel’ audience. Instead, they’re blanket advertising to almost anyone who’s an adult. And in some cases, travel related ads are showing up on children’s YouTube channels.

This is, unfortunately for their clients, greatly diminishing real ROI on ad spend. Having gone through the most difficult time in the history of the travel and leisure industry, clients in the space deserve to have every penny they spend in advertising show up where it matters most. In their hotels, restaurants, car rentals, vacation rentals and excursions.

Virtual Crowd Media - The Travel Industry’s on Fire Is Your Marketing Taking Advantage?

To maximize client ROI, marketing agencies must get ads in front of eager, proven and interested travelers, while eliminating ad views by minors and those who aren’t looking for an immediate holiday.

While the “shot-gun” approach to trave marketing has worked in the past, a new era of consumer targeting now allows agencies and their clients to pinpoint exactly who, when and where specific types of travel ads should show.

Virtual Crowd Media, an agency for agencies, works with marketing companies to help them pinpoint target travel audiences to boost client ROI.

Our goal is to make your agency look like a superstar for your clients.

We’re transforming the way agencies reach and engage with target audiences with the use of advanced artificial intelligence tools, deep insight algorithms and customized audiences that have proven to convert.

As the travel market gets back on its feet, its more important than ever to help the industry recover losses and build new profit channels into the future. Our duty, as marketing experts, is to help you retain your travel industry clients, boost their sales and assist you in your budget growth.

Schedule a meeting, or call, with our CEO to see just how high we can boost your client ROI.