Ramp Up Your Digital Sales Strategy: Expect Record Holiday Sales

Retailers nationwide are expected to see record holiday sales. This is despite supply-chain issues. According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales from now through New Years are expected to rise between 8.5% and 10.5% over last year.

The NRF cites higher personal income and savings as a key contributor.

Nearly a trillion dollars of spending will occur over the next few months, representing a record high. And much of this money will be spent on non-traditional gifts, especially from retailers and e-tailers who utilize the correct digital sales strategy.

With a majority of consumers now doing their holiday shopping online, retailers and e-tailers looking for a successful season must get their products in front of eager consumers, now.

This means they must quickly update and refine their digital sales strategy to take advantage of the spending splurge. This is especially true for those selling non-traditional, gadget or gag gifts, and retailers and e-tailers who are sitting on a large unsold inventory of out-of-favor goods.

Because those goods are likely to be hot this year.

While many retailers and eCommerce stores are focusing their efforts on selling “popular” products, many of which are out of stock, retailers and e-tailers who are nimble enough to adopt a cutting-edge digital sales strategy may find they can sell out inventory of almost any product.

Even products that have little or no nationwide exposure or have been warehoused for a year or more.

All it takes is a focused digital sales strategy.

With consumers fighting over “leftovers”, or items that may never make it to our shores in time for the holidays (which big eCommerce companies will sell regardless of the backlash), now is the time to push your current inventory, no matter what it may be.

With record holiday spending expected, shoppers will be turning to items they are certain will arrive, no matter what those items are.

Virtual Crowd Media - Ramp Up Your Digital Sales Strategy:

What was once known as a “stocking stuffer”, may find itself under the tree this year. Meaning non-traditional gifts may be the biggest sellers as consumers scramble to find almost anything to put under the tree.

2021 could be the biggest holiday sales year for almost any retailer and e-tailer who focuses their digital sales strategy on selling current inventory. And it doesn’t even matter what that inventory is, there are buyers lining up.

But to be successful, a laser focused digital sales strategy, targeting known ecommerce shoppers who are “looking” for any gift ideas should be a top priority.

Of course, this is easier said than done. However, for Virtual Crowd Media clients, it is indeed simple. Virtual Crowd media specializes in connecting products to consumers who want them. No matter what product it is.

We’re here to quickly boost your holiday sales, making 2021 your best season yet.


We tap into your ideal audience and expand your reach, by utilizing Virtual Crowd Media’s targeted social media audiences. We know who wants to buy your products, and we know how quickly they’ll act.

At Virtual Crowd Media we harness the power of artificial intelligence to curate, define, and activate social audiences that engage and convert.


It’s time for your business to lower media costs and increase conversion rates. It’s time for your business to benefit from the power and expertise Virtual Crowd Media brings to the social media and digital sales ecosystem.

The time to ramp up your digital sales strategy is now. This record holiday shopping season has just begun. And no matter what products you sell, we’ve got the buyers lined up for you, ready to spend.