Local Search Marketing is Make or Break for Small Businesses

Why Local Business Listings Are So Important: Directory Accuracy Can Make or Break a Small Business

Have you wondered why your business, with better products, better service and maybe even better prices is not getting the attention it deserves? Your competitors, with lesser quality, seem to get all the customers.

It comes down to how accurate your local business listings are… and if customers can even find you in the first place.

Take for example, two restaurants. And no doubt you’ve seen this…

One restaurant is stuffed to the gills every day. It has mediocre food, a mediocre atmosphere, mediocre service and an overpriced menu.

But there’s still a mile-long line of customers queued up outside, waiting for a table.

The other restaurant has amazing food, a fun, hip atmosphere, servers who are top-notch and a menu that’s priced right. Yet, half the tables are empty on any given night. And it’s generating no “buzz.”

What gives?

The better restaurant should do better business. But it’s not.

Now, the same thing happens with all businesses; plumbers, physician and dental offices, electricians, small grocers, salons, you name it.

Some businesses seem to do better than others for no reason at all. Some generate buzz and accumulate new customers daily, while others fall the wayside.

And there’s an astonishingly simple reason for this.

You see, the difference in the volume of customers from one business to another comes down to visibility, or local SEO. Having inaccurate, outdated, or missing directory listings and poor keyword visibility on your website can be the top reasons you’re not getting more customers…

The customers you rightfully deserve.

Local business directory listings, accurate ones, and localized search marketing are the very first things people will notice you by.

Accurate local SEM, listings, address info and proper keywords can help you be found easily, generate big buzz, and lead to a huge inflow of all those customers YOU deserve.

You see, local search optimization is the key to your success.

Every business directory website, like Google My Business, Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp and others must have the correct info on your business – and be triggered by the right keywords – in order for customers to see you.

If any information is incorrect, your keywords are poor, or your business is not showing up on Google Maps, it could mean you’re losing a ton of customers… preventing your business from capturing all the locals and going socially viral.

It’s why you need to do the following to boost your local search engine marketing:

  • Greatly increase the number of local business directories you’re using: And use current and accurate information. These online listings are like free advertising. Be sure you’re taking full advantage of all the eyeballs. And the more sites you’re listed on, the more you’ll appear in the search engine results pages, further helping to improve your local search optimization.
  • Get more traffic to your website: If someone is searching for a service that’s near them, you’ll want your business to appear at the top of the search page. With local SEO, the more localized website traffic you can get to your page, the more customers you’ll see. But your website needs to be key-word rich. Meaning it has lots of content and information about the types of things you sell. Like full blog pages focusing on the “best hamburger in town”, “physicians who care” or “emergency plumbing” …
  • Get more incoming phone calls to your business: Most searches for local businesses are now conducted via mobile device. You’ll want to be sure your website, and directory information is optimized for mobile viewing. Mobile optimization can give a customer the option of a “click to call” that will go right to your business. Eliminating the task of having to punch in the numbers by hand. Properly executed, a Google search will show your business, high up on the page, with a phone icon to allow for this type of call.
    You’ll want to find every site across the web where your phone number is listed and verify its accuracy and one-click call capability.
  • Be sure ALL of your information is accurate, across ALL websites: More than just your phone number, you’ll want to scan the web to assure your type of business, every address, your hours of operation, and days of the week you’re open are correct. Also, and this is important, be sure your website address is accurate, and the link to it is working properly on all the directory sites. Accurate information about your company, using local search marketing, with a phone number and website links that work, assures customers you’re legitimate, and you’re there to serve them.
Virtual Crowd Media - Local Search Marketing

For your business to become a local hit, it needs to be visible. Having an accurate online presence, with strong local SEM, using as many directories as possible, can make or break you.

If your business is difficult to find, or you’re using outdated or incorrect info about your business, and how to contact it, customers (and search engines) will ignore you…

And, unfortunately, those customers will settle for a lesser competitor.

Its why local search engine marketing is so important for your success.

Now, when your online directory listings are accurate and consistent across all websites, Google and other search engines will recognize you as trustworthy and important for potential customers to see.

And by adding keyword rich content to your site, even more customers can find you (for free), and buy your products!

The difference between the hot restaurant with poor food, and the empty one with great food is visibility. The easier you make it for local customers to find you, the more customers you’ll get. Localized search marketing makes this possible.

And this goes for all businesses that rely on locals. Every single one of them.

While getting in front of thousands of potential customers can be time consuming and technically difficult, don’t worry.

Our expert team here at Virtual Crowd Media can do it for you.

Local search marketing is our specialty!

And once you give us a call (or click here and we can set one up) you’ll see just how cost effective it is to have your business accurately displayed across every local business directory…

And we even give you key-word rich content to boost your FREE rankings on Google!

Not only will you save a whole lot of time and money, but you’ll be getting new customers in no-time, allowing you to do what you do best…

Run that awesome business of yours!