Marketing To Gen Z

Generation Z, or individuals born after 1995, are coming of age where they are the new “target market” for many companies. So how do companies’ market to Gen Z? A generation that has practically lived its entire life in the realm of digital marketing? That’s what we’re here to help with.

Promote your Values

Consumers today and particularly Gen Z are more politically and socially aware than ever before. They are looking for brands and companies that align with their values.

Having a set of core values on your company’s website and social media pages helps to cultivate a brand that your consumer can connect with. Companies, however, cannot just talk the talk, they must also walk the walk by reflecting these values throughout their business operations. In a recent study of Gen Z individuals, 86% stated they would support working in and purchasing from a company that matches their personal values.

For extra points on how to market to Gen Z, take a stand. Finding causes that are associated with your company’s brand can go a long way in promoting your company to Gen Zers.

Provide an Experience

In a world where endless content is at their fingertips, this generation has unlimited options and only so much time. Use video as much as possible as it provides so much more possibility to engage your audience. Make sure to keep it short, engaging, and impactful.

Gen Z, also known as “digital natives” grew up being marketed to on every social media site. Making your digital marketing interactive is an innovative way to captivate their attention. While they will recognize that they are being marketed to they are more likely to stick around and take notice if it is an experience. Turning your marketing into quizzes or making it customizable turns your audience into an active participant of your marketing.

Virtual Crowd Media | How To Market To Gen Z

Knowing how to market to Gen Z can be a big factor in the success of your companies’ marketing campaigns.

Cultivate Influencers and Creators

Celebrities have long been used in marketing and in recent years we have seen the rise of social media influencers in ad campaigns and marketing. However, these big influencers can cost big bucks and when it comes to Gen Z celebrity influencers feel out of touch and inauthentic.

Micro- influencers are individuals who have gained popularity on social media by becoming experts in a specific area. They often have greater rates of engagement with their audience and are more cost effective. When looking for influencers to promote your brand, focus less on numbers and more on their connection with their audience. These influencers allow for greater market segmentation as you are able to reach a core audience more effectively.

Social media influencers are content creators, they will know their audience and how to market to them. Cultivating genuine relationships with these creators provides not only an audience but a wealth of creative knowledge to create personable and authentic digital marketing. Invest in smaller engaging influencers that have already engaged your target audience and work with them to create content that is more than just an ad.

Above all else: Authenticity

Give them some credit, Gen Z knows when they are trying to be marketed to. Authenticity and transparency should be your guiding principles when trying to connect with this generation. Make sure to not talk down to them, you don’t need to hop on the latest meme or viral challenge to be hip with the kids. Companies that “try to hard” to appeal and be relevant can be seen as cringy (which for a brand is a fate worse than death). Demonstrating authenticity by developing an approachable and genuine voice across your digital media does far more for engaging your Gen Z audience.