Team Virtual Crowd Media

Eva Hodgens

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Eva is the leader and motivator for all aspects of our company and client’s successes. Her experiences, successes, and work ethic are the drivers of Virtual Crowd Media and its client base. In her spare time, Eva can be found doing hot yoga, taking trips to the beach, and spending time with her husband, two boys, and two dogs, Odin, and Rose.

Michael Boy

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operations Officer, Michael is the brain behind our overall success for our clients. His experience, drive, and knowledge of the industry provide the guiding posts of success for our clients. In his spare time, Michael can be found watching Man United, drinking Starbucks, and spending time with his son, Parker, and two beagles, Biggie and Henry.

Madison Belfour

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Madison is the driver of the overall strategy for our clients. Her knowledge of marketing strategies as well as her organizational skills give her an advantage in communicating goals, strategies, and successes with our clients. In her spare time, she can be found exercising with her dog Russell, reading a good book, and watching Florida Gator football.

Lauren Duke

Digital Media Director

As Digital Media Director, Lauren is the driver of our Affiliate Marketing department. Her work horse mentality and relationship skills have doubled our affiliate marketing successes across numerous industries. In her spare time, Lauren can be found playing video games, cooking, and spending time with her dog, Rocky.

Heather Speizman

Director of Client Services

As Director of Client Services, Heather is at the heart of all our client relationships. Her attention to detail, dedication to our clients, and customer service experience are the drivers behind successful client relationships that last for years. In her spare time, Heather can be found spending time with her husband, Michael, and dogs May-Z and Dinky.

Andrea Dautant

Digital Marketing Intern

As a Digital Marketing Intern, Andrea is the cultivator of our clients voices online. Her attention to detail, work ethic, and understanding of our clients have helped to build brand voices that resonate with a client’s ideal audience. In her spare time, Andrea can be found spending time with family and friends, working with other alumni of the UF Rowing team, and reading.